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In the past, it was difficult to answer what kind of work New Roads Video did because if a project came up--most of the time it was difficult to say "no" and the project would be taken on.  In time, the realization came to be that focus was needed.  So, New Roads Video specializes in video, photography, and other digital media services.  Here are some of the highlights:

Premiere Coming Soon

Brand new video podcast series, Remembering the Past and Moving Forward, coming soon on our new YouTube channel as we talk to long time customers of NRV, former hosts, and guests that appeared on some of our online, interactive, live NRV-TV shows and find out where they are now, and where they are going!  Please click to view and set a reminder.  Subscribe today!

Episode 1 -- Premieres 2023-09-28

Event Photography

From Baby Showers, to Family Gatherings, to Business Events and more ... let us capture the moment for you.  


Can't wait to get more shots of Nature in Motion, City Skylines, and Landscapes.  Looking forward to some clear sunny days and new locations.  Stay tuned!  No Audio.

Just for Fun

Sometimes one just sees beauty in something, or a moment that is precious, and you just want to capture it. 


These are some of Karen's favorite  landscape, macro photography, and just plain old photography ... just for fun.

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