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Get to Know Us

New Roads Video was started out of the desire to change what type of work Karen, the owner and main creative force behind the company, was doing in corporate America to a creative endeavor that could also be rewarding and lucrative.  The desire to never feel like you’re working is a wonderous thing. 


The name “New Roads Video” came from Karen’s family’s homestead in New Roads, Westmoreland, Jamaica.  The goal is to be able to work in the Film industry, do corporate projects, indie projects, and various projects that could help business owners with their social media advertising  and promotional needs, design websites, and assist or consult on other projects to make them standout and look better because ... "Video Says It Better."  We're grateful that the goal has become a reality!


If you have a project and you need help, New Roads Video is the company to come to.  We look forward to working with you!




Karen Hanson comes from a creative background as well as a professional IT background.  She has studied music playing both the piano and guitar, sung in several choirs, sang on a praise team, and was a member of a performing arts group.  Karen’s IT background helped her become a Systems Administrator supporting staff that consisted of Vice Presidents, Project Managers, and other company staff she worked for at that time.  Karen used her high-level skill set to manage the Local Area Network (LAN) in their Atlanta office, where she administrated and maintained all LAN/WAN hardware and software.  Ms. Hanson also brought digital creative skills to the team including Video Production, Website Design, Editing, and Designing Graphic Layouts.  Karen's desire to focus more on a creative industry led her to start her own business in 2004 which was originally named New Roads Videography.


Karen attended the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, FL, where she majored in Computer Science, and Miami-Dade Community College where she studied Systems Design and Analysis.  Karen also was certified in computer networks and studied to the engineer level.  Karen is also certified administratively in Microsoft Office. 


On the creative side Karen is a certified producer with People TV in Atlanta, GA having taken their camera usage classes and worked on several community shows.  She later pursued film and in 2018 enrolled at the Georgia Film Academy's certification program through Clayton State University.  The program track that was chosen included Introduction to On-Set Film Production and Post Production.  The Post Production classes made her Avid User Certified in Avid Media Composer.  Avid Media Composer is one of the Film Industry's standards for video editing.

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